LIVING Somniferum Poppy Plants LEGALLY Bought & SOLD in USA

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6 thoughts on “LIVING Somniferum Poppy Plants LEGALLY Bought & SOLD in USA

  1. Kenneth Vice says:

    The gray areas of the law save people from being pushed to suicide by their tyrannical governments. God bless you for what you are doing. Please if you have time check out what I’m doing. The Facebook page “The real opioid epidemic”.

  2. I bought your Wizard of Oz and exotic mix. I planted about 2 and half weeks ago. I live in the northeast where it’s been unseasonably cool. I followed the directions exactly as shown on the videos. Nothing has germinated. Could you take a guess ay what I might/probably did wrong? I would appreciate your opinion. Thank you.

    • The amount of Variables are endless. But can assure the Viability of our seeds (as we depend on their viability just as you do, in order to stay in business).
      But getting poppies started is the most chalenging aspect for all Growers, even myself.
      We Grow ours from Wa State.
      We have never grown them anywhere else.
      So to answer u properly, I would need to know everything from Soil Type, Fertilization, NPK Nutrient Mix, Planting Location in/outdoors, Pots, Rows, etc), what kind of protectional methods used (to keep birds, slugs, rats, raccoons, deer away). Day/Night Temps, Soil Temp and Moisture levels, Drainage, Light levels (full sun, partial, indoor light), and several other Variables.
      We also have Variations of our Tutorial depending on the time of year or the temps in your location at time of planting.

      We always suggest reading through the answers we provide to the 130+ User Comments that are left at the bottom of our main Tutorial Page (Full-Site “Desktop” mode):
      (be sure to view all pages)
      This is because these answers are most Recent than any of our Videos, and are from other Common Users, also struggling with commmon issues.
      You might also look for Plant Starts from Nurseries in your area. We find them every year (as shown in our “Poppy Laws” Post (Full-site), and a recent Facebook Post):

      • I planted the seeds outside in peet pots. It is a “Jiffy” brand seed starting tray. The peet pots sit in the tray and a clear plastic cover is placed over them. I put the water in the bottom so the peet pots absorb it. I originally only had them in partial sun and have now put them in full sun. The temperatures have been cool here – about 30 – 40F at night and not too much warmer in the daytime – about 50F max. so far. I haven’t added any more water or fertilizer. If I could buy potted ones I would. I live in MA – maybe they won’t grow here. Thank you for replying so soon.

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