Steps to Optimize WordPress to Reduce Server Load

Antony Agnel

Recently I came across a question on WordPress Development StackExchange asking for steps to optimize WordPress with regard to server load. Here’s a link to the question. Most of the answers were technical and couldn’t be understood by anyone new to WordPress. So I created this answer-like post to fix that shortcoming.

Enable Caching

Install the W3 Total Cache plugin for caching functionality in WordPress. Enable page caching and database caching feature from the plugin’s settings page. Make sure you choose ‘Alternative PHP Cache (APC / APCu)’ as the caching mechanism. Do NOT enable any minification in W3 Total Cache as there are many chances for you to break your site’s appearance and/or functionality. We’ll leave it to Cloudflare.

Use a Content Delivery Network

Once you’re done with configuring the rest of the plugin functionalities, set up Cloudflare for your website. Make sure you enable Cloudflare in the W3 Total…

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